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60 pages A5 photo book
Edition of 50. First edition
Text in french only (translation below)
Printed in France

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December 14th for Australia
December 16th for the Americas and Europe
December 20th for France

(The architecture of frost)

Wind, snow, water, frost… the combination of these natural elements, under very specific conditions, operates fantastic and poetic metamorphoses. Forms, structures, and ephemeral constructions began to come to life in Aubrac at the end of December 2020. This high plateau in central France, wild and austere, charged with mystical energy, suddenly saw a tsunami of snow and frost. The Aubrac had not worn such finery for over a decade. Elders even claim that such an accumulation of snow dates back more than fifty years.

In the grandiosity of its landscapes, man feels small. Aubrac commands respect and inspires humility. The dances of the Ecir, the wind which pierces it, coupled with freezing temperatures, have shaped a most majestic, perfectly magical spectacle. Nature, the original artist, poet, and architect - the first source of inspiration for mankind - to generate wonders as only she knows the secret, sometimes mixed with human creations.

It didn't matter how cold I had to endure. I felt good, I felt alive and I was as captivated as four decades before when I discovered snow for the very first time in my life. Not wanting to miss a beat, my nights were short. For almost a week, I explored this monochrome territory as much as possible. Because it could disappear as quickly as it had arisen. And it was the case. The lunar star did not have time to complete its cycle, and most of these winter wonders were brought to naught. The long white winters in Aubrac have become a myth.

The years go by but they are not the same in Aubrac, as everywhere else. With the climatic upheavals, he experienced several winters without a white coat. And strangely enough, this last momentous episode, came at the very end of the year, the hottest on earth on record, and at the start, quite possibly, of a year that will break a sad new record. Nature is disoriented, confused ... she is looking for a new rhythm. Let’s try to follow it, without trying to control it further.